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With my current theme of the falling/floating/flying figures I am looking for a way to present figures in an unconventional fashion. A unique way of using figures to better elicit a response from viewers. My way of approaching my imagery may be different than other artists because after arriving at the central theme of the of the falling/floating/flying figures I then begin to build a narrative around the actions of the figures later coming up with the other visual elements used in the work. Developing the work from a design approach outward to a storyline as a way to better engage the viewer.


For the last several years I have been developing a theme that explores not only how individuals can interpret the same situation in different ways, all due to their personal experience and perspective but testing the limits of peoples malleability in reading and understanding a situation. Then considering that most progressive societies are formed by people that hold the most divergent views, how does the increasing inflexibility of peoples views effect our growth as a society.

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